Problems I thought existed in Page Hall, Sheffield

Working on low daily wages and temporary contracts

Since Roma people have always been travelling, they never paid attention to education. Hence they don’t find jobs and are often working on temporary daily wages jobs which are usually not enough to support their families.

Living in low conditions and poverty

With limited money, Roma people are often unable to find houses that can accommodate their family which results in to them living in very poor conditions.

Overcrowded houses

Since Roma people can not afford big houses and live with extended families, their houses are mostly overcrowded with many people sharing one room.

Health issues because of living situations

Because of overcrowding and lack of education, Roma people tend to ignore the health-care practices and end up with poor health.

Lack of education

This is a starting point of all the problems that Roma people face. Lack of education often causes because of poverty. Hence it is an interconnected, neverending chain of problems

Filthy roads and area around their houses

Most of the Roma people have lived and made their way through horrible conditions of living and made their way to United Kingdom looking for a better life of living. But going through many social and economical changes and trying to adjust themselves to the surroundings, makes them ignore issues like keeping their surroundings clean.


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